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Dear students and language assistants,

We’re pleased to welcome you during your stay in Verdun.
We hope the information below will help make it a profitable and enjoyable one.

by Tle 1,2,3 students   - European section 2011-2012

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Shellina and Claire will tell you what you can find in this short guide


Listen to Johanna and Marie-Charlotte talking about Verdun and its history



Now Shellina and Claire will present our school.  
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If you wonder what to do in Verdun and nearby cities, watch Mathilde and Charline  (thanks Mathieu for filming !)

Here is what Sana, Karoline, Marjorie and Marion suggest you could do during your stay

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Having been an English teaching assistant at Lycée Margueritte has been a great sam - assistanteexperience. The students are fun and friendly, and most importantly they are always eager to learn. The quality of the students, in combination with the dedicated teachers and staff has made Margueritte a great environment to work in for the past 6 months.

Although Verdun may not be a big city, I think most people can still appreciate it for its character and charm. Especially for someone who is new in town, there are many things to do and a lot of beautiful things to see and enjoy, in and around Verdun.

This experience has been very rewarding in so many different ways. Regardless of the fear and uncertainty most people feel when they first begin their journey as a teaching assistant in a foreign place, they cherish all that they have seen and learned by the end of their experience. And some (or most) might not even want to leave!

Samantha Catarino

fb profile picHi! I’m Indraja and I come from India. Life as an English language assistant in Verdun was very fulfilling. As an assistant, my role was to help the students feel comfortable with the language, without having to give them tedious grammar lessons! We played various educative language games and had oral and written activities. The students were generally very polite and enthusiastic, and I felt truly welcome. I enjoyed introducing them to the Indian culture. Having them taste Indian food was spectacular! I especially loved doing a flash mob with the students to celebrate the Republic Day of India. I built a good rapport with the teachers as well, and I found them to be very receptive to my ideas. Living in Verdun was tranquil and beautiful, and I got a lot of reading in apart from improving my French tremendously and travelling across Europe. The other assistants and I often cooked together, went to Cinéma Le Majestic and had long walks in the woods, famous for the world war. Lycée Margueritte had become a second home for me, and it shall always have a special place in my heart. It is wonderful to still be in touch with my big French family and I look forward to your continued success. Break a leg, kids! My best wishes and love to all <3

Indraja Gugle

renee 2015"I loved my experience working at both sites of Lycée Margueritte. I generally had the liberty to independently plan activities on whatever subject I pleased, however plenty of fantastic members of the English department were always generous with aid when asked. At these two schools the students really brought lessons to life; it was great being in a space where the staff fostered the creativity and unique perspective of each student. I was also impressed by the initiative of the students: they often sought me out for further practice outside of class or stopped me in the halls and streets to briefly converse in English. The students truly seemed interested in extending their education beyond the walls of the classroom. I very much enjoyed being a teaching assistant, however living in little Verdun did not seem like the most amusing place at first. Thankfully, throughout the year the city proved itself to be bursting with culture and welcoming people, and I will always remember it warmly!"


proviseurLe lycée Margueritte de Verdun s’inscrit dans une longue tradition d’échanges internationaux. Il est jumelé avec un lycée en Allemagne et en Grande Bretagne. Tous les ans nous accueillons des élèves allemands, anglais et nos élèves séjournent aussi dans ces pays. Ceci fait partie de nos échanges liés à nos deux classes européennes (allemand et anglais).

Par ailleurs, nous recevons des assistants de langues venant de pays anglophones, hispanophones et germanophones. Ce sont en général de jeunes étudiants qui passent une année dans notre lycée et enseignent leur langue maternelle à nos élèves.

Enfin, nous recevons des jeunes étrangers provenant de pays très divers (Colombie, Pérou, Mexique, Australie, Canada, Allemagne pour ne citer que les plus fréquents) qui font des séjours plus ou moins longs (de quelques semaines à quelques mois) en France à l’invitation de familles verdunoises ou des environs. Ils sont intégrés dans des classes et suivent l’enseignement au même titre que nos élèves.

Des voyages à l’étranger (Espagne, Italie) sont également organisés par les professeurs.

Tout ça témoigne de la grande ouverture de notre établissement, de ses enseignants et de ses élèves vers les cultures étrangères et du grand intérêt qu’ils portent à se tourner vers l’autre. Cette éducation à la tolérance fait partie des objectifs de notre enseignement.

Les professeurs sont nombreux à maîtriser une autre langue que la leur et les classes européennes reçoivent un enseignement en allemand ou en anglais dans une ou plusieurs matières (mathématiques, biologie géologie).

Le lycée Margueritte sera toujours ouvert aux échanges, aux projets divers permettant aux jeunes de se rencontrer soit dans le cadre d’organismes, soit dans un cadre plus privé. Nous vivons aujourd’hui dans un monde de communication mais rien ne remplace les liens humains qui naissent lors de rencontres internationales. Apprendre la langue de l’autre c’est aussi aller vers lui et apprendre à connaître sa culture.

J.P. DUBOIS, proviseur

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